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If you need representation regarding an East Brunswick DUI/DWI, or a matter in municipal court in Red Bank or neighboring communities in Monmouth and other nearby counties, Zager Fuchs provides respected legal counsel to people facing serious traffic violations. Having a trusted advocate on your side when trouble occurs can make the difference.

Drunk driving and other traffic offenses or misdemeanor crimes can have serious consequences if they are not properly addressed by a competent attorney. Excessive fines, jail time and a tarnished reputation in the community do not have to be the result of a one-time mistake.

If you need an experienced attorney to advise and represent you in a municipal court matter in your community, contact our Red Bank, New Jersey law office to schedule a confidential, appointment to discuss your situation.

We Assist Clients with Municipal Court Matters Including:

  • DUI/DWI offenses
  • Traffic tickets
  • License suspensions
  • Simple assaults
  • Domestic violence charges
  • Restraining orders

Pretrial Intervention Option

For many criminal offenses handled through the municipal courts, the option of a pretrial intervention is an important legal option that we strongly encourage clients to consider. However, the timing is critical. By taking immediate action as soon as a DUI or other infraction occurs, our attorneys can often have the charges against a client dismissed or reduced without them having to appear in court.

Contact a trusted Zager Fuchs attorney for legal counsel that can help you understand all the rights and legal options available following a DUI or other municipal court offense.

Our Municipal Court / DUI Attorneys:

Michael T. Warshaw
Kevin I. Asadi