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Contested wills are one of the most unfortunate possibilities confronting executors and estate administrators. The fact that most wills and probate litigation is initiated by close relatives within the deceased’s family often makes probate disputes more bitter and emotional than other civil litigation.

Zager Fuchs represents the best interests of executors, administrators, and individual family members who become involved in probate disputes and will contests. Our estate administration attorneys know that showing compassion for grieving family members is often the most important part of our job as probate litigation attorneys. We listen before we act and litigate when necessary, but we always seek settlements that resolve the issues without destroying the family relationships.

If you are considering filing a contested will claim, or are the executor of an estate embroiled in disputes, we provide knowledgeable representation and legal counsel you can rely on. Contact the probate litigation attorneys at Zager Fuchs to schedule an opportunity to meet with us. We have helped many families resolve their probate litigation matters, and we can help yours.

Probate Litigation

In addition to contested will litigation services, we represent families who have legitimate concerns about the competency and ethical practices of estate conservators and administers.

The importance of hiring the right probate litigation attorney

Our New Jersey will contest lawyers have been providing effective representation for central New Jersey families for three generations. Contested wills and other disputes that arise between family members can lead to serious litigation and arguments that can do serious harm to family relationships. If you are looking for a New Jersey will contest lawyer who knows how to resolve disputes without destroying families, contact our probate litigation offices in Red Bank. We are building generations of trust.

Trust Litigation

New Jersey Trust Litigation AttorneyMonmouth County Irrevocable Trust Lawyer

There are two major forces that influence trust litigation cases: the complex legal issues involved and the conflicts among family members. An attorney knowledgeable in estate administration and skilled at establishing and nurturing long-term relationships provides a valuable measure of comfort in resolving trust disputes in ways that save time, money and hassle for everyone involved.

At the Red Bank, New Jersey, law offices of Zager Fuchs, we offer over 45 years of trusted representation in estate planning and administration matters to individuals, families and business owners throughout the communities of Middletown, Middlesex, Toms River and surrounding areas.

Compassion for grieving families, listening before acting, and litigation expertise allows our trust litigation lawyers to effectively resolve disputes between trustees, trust administrators and individual family members. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. We have helped many families and we can help yours.

Zager Fuchs Assists with the Following Trust and Estate Litigation Issues:

  • Trust fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Undue influence
  • Power of attorney actions
  • Investment malpractice
  • Failure to properly value asset
  • Accounting or reporting disputes
  • Trustee appointment disputes
  • Creditor claims
  • Mediation and arbitration

Whether we are defending a living trust or challenging a revocable trust, our trust litigation attorneys provide clear and attentive guidance to clients, helping them understand the issues at stake so they can make informed decisions about proceeding with their case.

Three Generations of Trust

From estate planning to probate litigation, our extensive experience providing representation and guidance to clients can help resolve disputes and prevent them from having a negative impact on your family’s relationships. Contact our trust litigation offices in Monmouth County. We are building generations of trust.

Our Trust Litigation Attorneys:

Michael T. Warshaw
Lynn E. Staufenberg