New Real Estate Agents

By Andrew Krantz

real estate podccastsAs a real estate attorney, I work with a lot of different real estate agents. Some have been in the industry for a while whereas others are just entering the industry. When I meet new agents we often talk about tips for the real estate business. I found that Tom Ferry of The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience has some great business tips for the real estate industry.

Tom Ferry is a real estate coach. His podcasts cover a wide range of topics that could be of interest to investors, buyers, and sellers.

I recommend listening to the “Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Musts for New Agents”. In this particular podcast Tom Ferry speaks with Jason Pantana. Jason emphasizes that these tips can help you win over sellers despite a lack of experience. He covers things like: creating a personal brand, networking and networking groups, what not to do, and much more.

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If you prefer to watch then listen, he also has a great YouTube video “8 Traits of the Best Real Estate Agents in the World”. There are eight things that the best real estate agents in the world all have in common which got them to where they are now.


Tom also has a website with a blog plus a popular Youtube channel that’s worth checking out

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