Real Estate Comedy, Facebook, and Instagram

By Andrew Krantz

real estate podccastsOver Ask is ending soon but there are some noteworthy podcasts to catch up on.

The Agent Guide to Dominate Facebook and Events” with Lana Rodriguez. Lana joined Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent for this Over Ask Podcast. Lana shared how she dominates her competition with a referral-based business model. She explains how she throws client events every year. Plus, how she uses Facebook groups to grow her business and keep up with her VIP clients. Listen to the podcast on APPLE podcasts.

The Broke Agent, BAM, also has an active and lively youtube channel,

An interesting one is “Why Real Estate Agents NEED To Be On Instagram Threads“. The Broke Agent, Dan Oneil, Shane Burgman, and Paige Steckling discuss sales goals for the year’s halfway point, 12 newbie agent behaviors, Threads, and this week’s viral Realtor video.

Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent make a big announcement about the podcast you can listen here.

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